Stay Humble, Keep Winning!

They say there is a fine line between self-confidence and arrogance. I agree with that.

The line between them is the age old notion of Humility ‘the quality of having a modest or lower view of one’s own importance’.

As i travel through the infinite landscape of cyberspace, I seem to be constantly hit by asteroids of arrogant BS from every direction – it seems like humility is fast becoming an underrated trait in life and business.

Marketing who you are and what you do feels like someone has placed a trumpet next to my ear and is blowing it as hard as they can, rather than playing a nice tune that I would be happy to sit back, listen too, and may just convince me to buy the ticket for the main performance!

The worst thing? If we are being honest, we all have been guilty of being that annoying trumpet player, at some point in our lives!

Ever had a time when you thought you could not secure that deal, but you got your head down, made it happen then proclaimed yourself king or queen of the world?

You look at yourself in the mirror, give yourself a wink and then proceed to tell your mom, dad, aunty, uncle, your kids, your cat, your pet parrot ..whoever who would listen, that you are the mutts nuts?!

You get that X-Men Syndrome, like you have extra powers that make you that little bit better than other mere mortals! I guess when times are good, when everything you touch turns to gold, it becomes easier to believe your own hype.

I know I have done that before and then blamed every man and his dog for it all going wrong, until I realised that I had to humble myself and accept responsibility for the results I achieve.

You see, humility in business is essential, because business is all about relationships. People have and people will always buy from people first.

Therefore, it is important to step back and self-reflect on how you are presenting yourself to others – what is your personal brand? How do others see you? What are your key values? Are you living from your values? Are you creating long lasting foundations, to build upon for the future?

Self-awareness and an openness for learning, allows you to grow – it is hard for anyone to maximise their potential WITHOUT having the experience of both good and bad results.

I know that being humble can create a fear within you, of being seen as ‘too soft’ or ‘too wishy-washy’.

But being humble turns your vulnerability into a strength, because it allows you to truly connect with who you are and the purpose that you are focused on achieving. In our business, we help our clients to be real about who they are, so that they can be clear about the social impact they want to create for others.

Being honest with yourself gives you a liberating sense of clarity about how you are able to do what you do and more importantly, why.

Finally, humility gives you a sense of authenticity that attracts others to you. If people are not attracted to you when you are being your real humble self, then maybe they were not the right person or people for you in the first place, and that in itself, is a good thing for everyone.

So next time you see yourself in the mirror, smile at the person looking back at you with a sense of thankful appreciation.

Till the next time, J


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