What is your PSI level?

You often hear about an organisation doing great things for their local community, their city or their region.

If you listen and look hard enough, you can also find out about global initiatives that are changing lives, such as the ones you that are often mentioned at @CSRWire

But, when was the last time you reflected upon your PSI (Personal Social Impact) level? When was the last time, you stepped outside your own comfort zone and achieved the extraordinary, for the sustainable benefit of others?

Far too often, CSR strategies, policies and programmes are created by individuals who may not care to step into the shoes of the very beneficiaries, that they aim to support – as I work with more clients in the area of CSR, I get more used to seeing that.

Being frank, there are some people who have lived in such a bubble for such a long time, that it has become a steel cage that they have used to protect themselves inside, rather than the dreamy rainbow and light entity that fascinated me as a child!

I know you had the bubble-blower and chased those bubbles till they popped, come on, I know you loved it really!

I digress…people have different experiences and how their life has panned out, is how their life has panned out. You must embrace this fact, to be able to appreciate others from how they see things and support them to view the wider picture – education is not just found in books, it is found inside us all regardless of any differences and that is a beautiful thing.

However, we all have a choice to decide how we wish to support others. We all have the choice to give to others, in ways that enable them to feel empowered enough to succeed!

Your PSI is the level of effort that YOU put in personally, to help achieve more for others – regardless of your role at work, your place in your community, the level of qualifications you have or the amount of resource, you can do something!

Personal Social Impact can be something that you give to your family, your friends, work colleagues or a total stranger – but how?

Here are my top 5 tips to help you increase your own PSI level:

Do something that fulfills you: Human motivation comes from a selfish benefit, good or bad. If you feel fulfilled, then nothing becomes a barrier – rather, the barrier becomes a lesson that you are willing to learn.

Do something that challenges you: If you don’t stretch yourself, then how do you know what your really capable of? Enough said.

Find a reason NOT to have an excuse: Bit of a mental shift here but being solution focused causes you to achieve more faster, instead of identifying all the reasons why you can’t.

Seek constructive criticism: There is a stark difference between feedback and worthy feedback. Constructive criticism should evoke a sense of self-reflection and purpose, not anger and frustration. Which leads me to my final point:

–  Not all your advisors, can give you the advice you need: Learn to see things from the perspective of others, then compare it to your own. Acknowledge where there are differences and more importantly, why they are there..

Increasing PSI is something that we strive for at Cultiv8 Solutions, helping key decision-makes step outside of the norm, in regards to how they approach CSR.

Why not come and take a look at the ways, in which we help key decision makers increase their PSI, through their strategic activities?

Till the next time,