Does the system condemn the same community it serves?

I woke this morning to hear that poor Trayvon Martin was unable to get the justice that so many felt that he deserved.

As a black male in society, I felt connected with his story. But I think it is deeper than that.

If you put race to one side, his case opens up various debates, but most certainly the debate on Corporate Social Responsibility, in regards to the system adding value to the community it was designed to serve.

Neither you or I were there on that fateful night, to know what truly happened – was it self-defence or a case of extreme racial profiling? I don’t know, but I know what I’m inclined to think and that worries me if it is true.

Either way, it is a sad day for what it means to be different in a modern day society and reinforces the fact that, we still have a long way to go before we truly harness the power of diversity.

The one thing I am sure off, is that the ‘system’ of law and order is not a clear-cut denominator of truth and justice. It is a becoming a measurement of social conditioning and an indication of just how organisations and institutions are governed, by the emotional perception of leaders and key decision-maker, rather than fact and a true personal understanding of others.

What do the following two examples have in common?:

1) The banking crisis and subsequent financial collapse was started by a lack of good quality governance and down-right greed! Emotional attachment to a visionary ideal of success and wealth by those with the power and access to resources to achieve it, became a controllable monster until the monster became a beast that could not be tamed.

2) The media for years have been accused, hounded and perceived as being a medium that does not equally represent all it’s citizens, for whom they are meant to provide services that reflect all.

The commonality? Simple…both examples have caused society, as an entity, to perceive itself as its own worst enemy.

Both are examples of how we have eroded a sense of trust, of integrity, of community within society. Where once people were beginning to be feel more connected, the very system that we are all apart of, seems to be dividing us once again through actions that empower anger and a need for change.

It is as if we governed and controlled by how you feel when you wake up in the morning, switch on the TV or radio and mentally absorb, before you have even washed the taste of last night’s Merlot out of your mouth, as opposed to, remembering your own values of helping others and what you represent and stand for.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a realist. Everyone has to make sure they take care of what they need to take care of, charity begins at home and all that jazz. I understand that. But, does that also mean that your actions and following results must be built on purely selfish reasons? I think of the young people in the Hot500,who are starting out in business – so many young people in society, have a warped idea of business driven by the media but many also do ‘keep it real’ and function in the reality.

It strikes me that the more time we take to learn more about others before assuming that we know who they are, the more better we can build strategies, laws and a society that eliminates greed and sheer self-interest.

If that can’t be achieved, at least turn greed into a visionary indication of what can be achieved, but achieved in new ways that truly benefit and give justice to all – that is what CSR is all about, is it not?