Be An Authentic Shepherd, Not A Fake Sheep!

We spend some much of our lives being influenced by other things – images on TV, the music we listen to, the way in which we have being brought up by our families..the list goes on.

How we are influenced has a significant impact on our decision-making process, and therefore, the results that we achieve in our lives. Not being in control of our response to being influenced, also breeds conformity. Conformity creates a herd mentality that acts as a mental safe zone, which we don’t want to leave. It feels safer to do what everyone else is doing and its safer than ‘the unknown!’.

The problem with conformity is that it erodes our desire to be authentic, staying true to who you are regardless of your life circumstance or situation. When we conform, it is because we have also failed to let go.

Letting go is about accepting yourself, warts and all. Its knowing that you are not perfect and that being perfect is not something you need to strive to be. Letting go is about looking back at your past and understanding that everything that you have gone through in your life, has brought you to where you are today.A real appreciation of all the lessons and experiences that life has given to you, both good and bad, allows you to feel liberated and free, with a clear and intense understanding of your own reality and future opportunities.

So, how do you let go?

You and I both know, that this is not easy.

It is not easy to click your fingers and break the conditioning of how you see and view the world. It is not easy to change the way you do things. Yet, it is essential for your own growth and well-being that you do so.

Here are four things that I hope may help:

Create a compelling vision for yourself: A compelling vision is one that is so clear in your mind, that you can describe the minute detail AND be able to tell somebody else in that level of detail. What will X look like when you achieve it? Who will be there with you? What will it smell like, taste like, feel like?

Be authentic: There is only one of you in the whole entire world, so why try to be anybody else? Even twins are different!

Appreciate the journey of others, whilst being on your own: Humility and a genuine care for others, allows you to see things for what they really are, even when others see or say otherwise. Keep your feet on the ground, rather than try to walk in the air of your own self-importance.

Be confident not arrogant: There is a very thin line between confidence and arrogance – one is because you believe in yourself. The other is because others believe in what you believe about yourself. Choose one.

When you know what you want, why you want it, are clear on your ability to get it and are willing to help others to do the same, you have let go!

Sharing knowledge, experience and helping the next generation is how I let go and I’m doing that through the HOt500 and The DEN


Till the next time,



Why Is Mentoring So Important For Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs by their very nature are mavericks, pioneers, leaders with a clear idea on what they want to achieve!

But every good entrepreneur needs support. It is a myth that successful entrepreneurs truly ‘go it alone’ – Sergey Brin of Google had Larry Page, Bill Gates of Microsoft had Paul Allen, the list goes on. At some point, the real game-changers and indeed, the world’s next big business will be created by more than one person, who help each other to achieve THE vision!

So what does this have to do with mentoring?

Over the past 15  years, I have been involved in mentoring with all kinds of entrepreneurial people – I have designed accredited mentoring programmes, being a mentoring trainer, have mentored others (and still do!) and have been mentored (and still am!).

Over that time, I had realised that entrepreneurship as a state of mind, rather than a moniker because you have or are building a business. To me, entrepreneurship is a state of mind because life forces you to be entrepreneurial, to deal with the challenges that you face, whether it’s in regards to your own business, or work or your personal life but you only know so much.  Mentoring is often that bridge to the other side.

Effective mentoring helps you to shape our own understanding of your circumstances, including those issues outside of your business. A real effective mentor will help you to develop a holistic view of your life and your business, helping YOU to decide on your OWN goals and progress. A real mentor shares their mind capital, but it is up to you to decide how to spend it!

Mentoring is so often overlooked by entrepreneurs, because we have this risk & reward view on winning, rather than utilising mentoring to sidestep the mistakes that you WILL make along the way.

I’ve learnt many things about the importance of mentoring, but 3 key things have always helped:

1) Don’t be afraid to ask – whether they are well-known people or they are someone down the road, most individuals are willing to help you to succeed as an entrepreneur, if they can. But, you must be clear on your requirements, expectation and value that you seek from them from the start – then they can decide on how much they support they can commit.

2) Decide on what you need, rather than what you want – you will require different types of mentors at different times on your entrepreneurial journey and that’s ok. Just be clear on what you need and the type of skills, qualities, experience and knowledge that you want from a mentor, at these different times.

3) Treat mentoring as a two-way relationship – it is easy to think that you are inferior in a mentoring relationship; the best mentors are those who seek to learn from you as much as you learn from them, as this helps reinforce trust and integrity, and authenticity

Accountability from your peers is also a good way to overcome challenges – in The Hot500, we believe in the power of peer learning!