Get Your Life Into Balance Part 4

Well done for passing the halfway mark, in this six part blog series!

Thank you for following my 12 steps to on how to be an Authentic Entrepreneur, to help you nurture your personal and business growth together.

I believe this blog, is the most important blog out of the six that I’m sharing with you – yes, I am biased when I say that, but I believe that one of the biggest mistakes that we often make as entrepreneurs/small business owners, is not having the right people in your corner!

That being said, having the right team, peer group, leader, friend, wife, husband, business partner etc. is essential…but even then, there is something that is even more important!

Allow me to elaborate:

We all need the right support in business. You know that, I know that, we all know that!

But far too often, we seek support from the wrong places and sources – the passion that we have for our business can often blind our vision, in regards to where and whom we seek the best support from.

Passion does not necessarily help us to overcome insecurity, ‘fear’ (see last week’s blog) or our urgency to climb the ladder of success. Passion is a great catalyst and important for sustaining momentum, but I would argue, that passion is married with something else…real support comes, when you begin to operate from a place of self-awareness – that is the essential thing, which allows passion to work wonders!

Self-awareness allows you to attract the right type of support for both yourself and your business, because you are able to engage and connect with the ‘holistic you’, and you can achieve that when you:


Your personal values as a unique individual, is such an underrated benchmark in the world of modern-day business. We all know about ethics and business values, but as the leader in your own business, your personal values represent the purity, that keeps you clear and focused.

It does not matter how much more experience that someone has over you or how much of a great reputation that they have, in order to support you – their values are the DNA, the code, the marker that you must seek, analyse and decide, whether or not you have aligned as people.

Ask yourself some key questions:

What is the most important thing to you in your life? What do you stand for? What do you refuse to accept as the norm? Are you open to change, in order to progress positively?


It is human nature for people to flock around you, when things are going well. Everyone loves to be associated with someone or something that is positive, successful, on the right track etc.

The secret is to identify those people who are going to be there, when times are hard. It is the little things that people do, that reveals who they really are – like a phone call out of the blue just to see if you are genuinely ok, someone who tells you to get yourself together (in a nice but forceful way!), someone who gives you their last sweet…it is the little things that speak volumes!

When times are hard, that is when people truly prove their worth and you REALLY know who has your back! Controversially, that person may be the last person you ever thought it would be.

Peer support is someone that entrepreneurs should actively seek and in The DEN, this is fundamental to what we do – come and get an insight into why at

Till the next time,

Joel Blake AGP

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