Get Your Life In Balance Part 3

In last week’s blog, I spoke about the importance of having a clear vision for yourself and your business – the fact that they are interrelated is no accident, yet so often; it is easy to act as if they are not.

As entrepreneurs / small business owners, we all have the proverbial game face that we like to put on to ‘prove’ that everything is alright. Yes, that face, you know what I mean…

It’s that face we have, when the lights come on, the show starts!

We turn into SuperBiz, the non-gender specific superhero that likes to appear at networking events or meetings with a stack of business cards, ready to change the world and make a lot of money at the same time. In reality, we become the self-conscious idiot that everyone sees a mile coming, and only tolerates now, so they don’t have to deal with you, later!!

The REAL reality is that the best way to connect your authentic self to your business, and therefore get your life in balance, is to:


If you desire excellence in your life, you have to think, act and operate with excellence.

There is no room for half-stepping with this. To maximise your potential, both personally and professionally, you must set your own standard ON YOUR OWN TERMS. In this way, you know who you wish to have in your life, connected to your business, part of your network etc.

Your standard could be your peers having the same values, the same way of thinking or just someone that just ‘gets you’ instantly! Your standard is the level that you strive to maintain (and I say strive, because life will test you!) in order to create excellence in all that you do. Set your standard, live by it and see what happens.


Fear is a state of mind, created by a belief in what you believe, is to come. False Expectation As Reality – that is my own little definition of fear and you can have that for free!

In the words of Robert Greene in his co-authored book The 50th Law, with Curtis Jackson (aka 50 Cent), “…fear is a kind of prison that confines you within a limited range of action. The less you fear, the more power you will have and the more fully you will live”.

But how do you eradicate fear?

The key is not to try and eradicate fear – better to embrace it and learn from it:

ACKNOWLEDGE that you are fearful (or your mind is telling you that you are) is the first step. Trying to hide away from the ‘fear’, does nothing but compound your psychological interest in it.

CONSIDER why this ‘fear’ is a negative for you – what are the consequences of taking action to deal with it? What are the consequences of not dealing with it?

EVIDENCE of your ‘fear’ is crucial. If you have evidence that your ‘fear’ is true, then you have the information that you need to deal with it. If there is no evidence but just your thoughts and own perceptions, then you know that there is nothing to ‘fear’.

As small business owners, working with your peers can help to eliminate your fears and help you to set the standard for yourself and your business. In The DEN, we provide a safe space where small business owners can achieve that and more, together and gain practical support on the actions that you take.

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Get Your Life In Balance – Part 2

Hey, how are you?

Thanks for joining me for Part 2 of my six-week blog series on ‘Just Do You – Get Your Life in Balance’, my twelve step process to help business owners put their entrepreneurial ambition and personal reality in balance!

Having a real honest sense of clarity, in your own idea is essential as a business owner.

It is important because we never know what is around the corner and when things are good, we can get complacent and unwilling to plan, for when the good times are over.

When the bad times come, and believe me they do, a lack of real clarity makes it easier to question ourselves and our abilities to make the right decisions – frustration, disappointment, a lack of self-confidence are just a few of the elements, that cause us to embrace destructive self-critical thinking and behaviour.

Faith is a great source of motivation but even faith, is not enough. We need structure, a firm foundation to build from and a focus on the why…but how do you find your why, i hear you ask!

Let’s take a step back and understand what the why means – the why is the reason why your business exists. The why is the zing, the x factor, the core ingredient in your cooking pot. The why is the thing that makes you and your business, so unique from the rest!

To find your why, I introduce the first 2 steps of this 12 step series:

STEP 1: Set an emotional and compelling vision of what you want to achieve.

Remember when you saw that boy or girl for the first time, and you got that warm, butterfly feeling in your stomach?

Well, your vision has to create that feeling EVERYTIME you think about it – the vision needs to tap into your very soul, because it is the vision that will keep you going, when all else seems lost. You set such a vision by being honest with yourself – What do I want? Why do I want that? Why is that so important to me? These are questions that you need to be honest in answering.

STEP 2: Watch your language

The most important conversations are the ones that you have with yourself, so be careful what you say!

Your thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions, actions create results – if you have the wrong thoughts about yourself and your ability, it is often a downhill process from there! Have faith in yourself by being self-aware of the language that you use – turn the ‘I cant, I wont, I’m stupid’…to I CAN, I WILL, I’m WILLING TO LEARN’ – be proactive with yourself!

The way in which you describe your vision to yourself, will give you a firm foundation of personal connectivity with your business, but remember, you don’t have to go it alone!

Seek support to help you crystalise your vision if you need to, but it is important that you contract ‘warm belly syndrome’, if you want to succeed!

To keep you on track, the DEN is here to help business owners looking for a way to explore their challenges and frustrations, without feeling negative or despondent afterwards! We help business owners learn from the very people who have the solutions to the many issues and challenges of running a business – other business owners!

With monthly accountability groups, motivational events and more, we focus on growing both the person and the business – check out our website for more information

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Eyes to the sky, Feet on the ground!

The journey of the lone business owner is an often challenging experience, that is not truly articulated in the textbooks of history.

The illusion of instant glamour, fast cars, a never ending bank account and the ability to live a life of immediate luxury, is one that so often believed as the utopian dream by so many people, and a view so readily portrayed to the younger and future business leaders of society.

When was the last time, that you really sat down and analysed why you are in business? When was the last time that you truly took the time out to align your personal ideals, values, goals with that of your business?

Being the head honcho means that’s you call the shots – it also means that the shots also get fired at you! E

Allow me to elaborate further…in this instance, the shots that I describe are the personal impacts that running a business places upon you. Forget the normal hassles of cash flow problems, the need to have your your business recognised and adored above and beyond the competition, the constant addiction to get that next customer or the million and one other issues that arise…

I’m talking about managing home relationships, time spent away from the kids, the impact of having no money coming in when the red letters hit the doormat – all the real life things that should NEVER come before your business….and often do!

It is the personal impacts of running a business that chip, chip away at your sanity! The personal impacts are the things that you force you to work longer hours, that cause you to justify (or use as an excuse!) the reasons why you cant go to your daughter’s recital or your son’s football match!

It is the personal impacts, that you need to identify in your life and put in practical strategies to solve them, TODAY!

Don’t play about with it either! Get serious….have THAT conversation with THAT person to get the ball rolling – you know who they are in your life, even if you don’t wish to admit it!

Here is a quick tip:

1) Learn the lessons that you don’t wish to be taught!

Why is this so important?

Simply because, you started your business for a reason. You had a vision that you WILL achieve IF you stop looking to the sky and check how solid your feet are, on the ground! Do what you must to get things in balance, before they imbalance you!

In The DEN, we help business owners just like you to have a space where you can offload your challenges, both on a personal and business level with a group of other business owners.

As a peer mentoring club just for business owners, we meet every month giving you access to peers who understand what you going through and who help each other take actions, that create powerful changes in your life and business!

Over the next 6 weeks, I will be blogging a series of practical tips, to help you get things back in balance – I look forward to sharing them with you!

Till the next time,