The only constant in life is change!

There comes a time in your life, when you realise that you are not the person that you used to be and it feels liberating!

I know it sounds so clichéd and a bit of a yawn moment but lets explore this for a second: do you agree that life is a series of transitions, moments of learning and opportunities for self-discovery?

We are so conditioned to do, think, act and be like others, to be like your environment, living the cultural norms of society, to the extent, that you can become confused by the myriad of uncertainty that lies before you.

But…they say that the only constant in life, is change. How much do you embrace that notion, as an individual? Does change just happen to you or are you in charge of it?

Are you even aware that you are changing every day in so many different ways?

This week, I have the opportunity to walk into the next phase of my life, closing one chapter and opening a new page. I’m as nervous as hell yet a part of me is bubbling with excitement. It is a move that puts everything that I hold sacred in my life at risk, yet the rewards are limitless….

What scares me the most is that in order for me to make it work, I MUST continue to seek and embrace change! More importantly, i must see positive in every changing situation – stepping up to the mark, being a leader, driving a new dawn is such a responsibility yet it almost feels natural…why is that??

Maybe it’s because I always try to operate from a place of value, integrity and a passion for others, so it feels right. Maybe it’s because all the years of blood, sweat and tears are finally paying off. Maybe it’s just that time…

No matter your circumstances in life, you have to be willing to do the things you hate, to do the things you love. What you don’t often realise is that you change along with it – your friendships, network and circles, your outlook on life and even your tastes change, as life forces change upon you.

I guess, the secret is to remain focused on why you do what you do, live by your personal principles and morals, refuse to conform because it’s easier to do so and remember that you have responsibility to leave the door open for the next generation..

If you embrace the changes that are happening around you and to you, life will provide you with a whole host of new lessons for you to learn from!

Till the next time,



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