It’s ok to be P.O.O.R!

People often say that life is about luck, being at the right place at the right time, etc.

I suppose there is an element of truth to that, because sometimes things happen that you can’t explain, but you are grateful for all the same.

However, opportunities are best utilised when you are prepared for them to come.

Positive thinking, affirmations, law of attraction – these are examples of things that people, including myself do believe in, in order to achieve the goals that you set and overcome the challenges that are in your way!

But i’m also a realist.

Life does not give you what you want, on a nice silver platter with all the garnish – life challenges you to go and get what you want from it; rewards are there for those who are willing to do what they HAVE to do and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices too!

So, what happens when a sense of realism meets ‘luck’ or the right opportunity?

Here is a little Four Step Process for you to consider:


Understand what it is that you want. Be clear on why you want it. Set a strategy of how you are going to get it. This forms the spine of the foundation for the journey..


Identify the resources you need to execute your plan – is it people, money, time, materials etc – What do you need to achieve your end goal?

Set milestones and benchmarks, linked to the use of these resources. Be aware that time may be delayed if you don’t have all that you need, when you need it!



No matter what you have planned, life can throw your a curveball that you don’t expect, at the worst possible time – that can’t be helped!

The key is to ensure there is a degree of flexibility in your plan, that allows you to take alternative routes if possible, without losing sight of your final destination!

Being open also opens up the opportunity for more learning, increased knowledge, strengthening of your character and opportunity to teach others – that in itself, is important and often, priceless!


Take full responsibility of your actions!

Its easier to blame others, blame circumstances, blame the world, blame the universe!

But understand, that you make the choices on what you do choose to do!

More importantly, be responsible for how you react to challenges that come your way and how you learn from them! The clue is in the word: Response..

Being poor is not nice for anyone.

Being P.O.O.R is essential for everyone!

Till the next time,



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