Are You Keeping It Real?

Sitting here on the sofa on a sunday, is the most chilled and relaxed I’ve felt in a long time..i think I’ve spent a couple of hours now staring out onto the garden, watching squirrels and birds engaging in a dance of natural frolics and fun, my mind reflecting on my life journey so far – it’s amazing how life can take you in so many directions, with so many twists and turns and causes you to reflect on who you really are..

But what is the petrol that fuels your engines every day? What causes you to continue forward with a sense of purpose and focus, even when the dark fog of uncertainty flows across your path?

In my humble opinion, I think it boils down to you staying true to yourself regardless of the situation or environment that you find yourself in.

The power of authenticity is underestimated in today’s modern and capitalist society. People spend their real lives, living another life in a deluded sense of conformity and ‘toeing of the line’ – at work, you have to be seen to be one of the boys (or girls), on the street young people must have the latest kicks (trainers) garms (clothes) and their swagger (aura/image) must be turned up to the maximum, in business you have to fit the mould that has been constructed over years and years…the list goes on!

But why? Why can’t we all just take off our game faces and embrace the person that we were destined to be?

To be honest, I think we are all shit-scared about being ourselves. We all claim to be ‘keeping it real’, but i would question how much we truly are. I would guess that at a large majority of us are worried about what people may say, what our clients would think, how our friends would react, how are partners would act towards us if WE REALLY were ourselves, warts and all!

At least you know where you stand, when people are being truly honest and open – whether it negative or positive, there is a conversation to be had and a lesson to be learnt and that, my friends, is what life is about.

Being truly authentic shows that you are proud of who you are, what you do, how you think, how you dress etc. Being authentic means that you attract and connect with people more easily without the bullshit and bravado. Being authentic means that people take the time to understand you even more and value the time that you spend with them.

I’m not saying you have to shout “I’M ME” from the rooftops or burn your bras and boxers in a wild state of anarchy! I’m not saying that you must become egotistical, puffing our your chest like a peacock who just won Prat of the Year – i’m just saying, try to engage with others with a true sense of clear honesty, speaking from the heart, whether its in the boardroom or bedroom, in a bar or in the car, JUST DO YOU!

Some people will like you, some will hate you but either way you wont suffer the turmoil of not being you!

You can’t please everyone, so why try to?

Manners are the most popular forms of currency between people and they are completely free – spend them wisely using the bank account of you and watch the number of positive deposits rise in your life!

Till the next time,




It’s ok to be P.O.O.R!

People often say that life is about luck, being at the right place at the right time, etc.

I suppose there is an element of truth to that, because sometimes things happen that you can’t explain, but you are grateful for all the same.

However, opportunities are best utilised when you are prepared for them to come.

Positive thinking, affirmations, law of attraction – these are examples of things that people, including myself do believe in, in order to achieve the goals that you set and overcome the challenges that are in your way!

But i’m also a realist.

Life does not give you what you want, on a nice silver platter with all the garnish – life challenges you to go and get what you want from it; rewards are there for those who are willing to do what they HAVE to do and are willing to make the necessary sacrifices too!

So, what happens when a sense of realism meets ‘luck’ or the right opportunity?

Here is a little Four Step Process for you to consider:


Understand what it is that you want. Be clear on why you want it. Set a strategy of how you are going to get it. This forms the spine of the foundation for the journey..


Identify the resources you need to execute your plan – is it people, money, time, materials etc – What do you need to achieve your end goal?

Set milestones and benchmarks, linked to the use of these resources. Be aware that time may be delayed if you don’t have all that you need, when you need it!



No matter what you have planned, life can throw your a curveball that you don’t expect, at the worst possible time – that can’t be helped!

The key is to ensure there is a degree of flexibility in your plan, that allows you to take alternative routes if possible, without losing sight of your final destination!

Being open also opens up the opportunity for more learning, increased knowledge, strengthening of your character and opportunity to teach others – that in itself, is important and often, priceless!


Take full responsibility of your actions!

Its easier to blame others, blame circumstances, blame the world, blame the universe!

But understand, that you make the choices on what you do choose to do!

More importantly, be responsible for how you react to challenges that come your way and how you learn from them! The clue is in the word: Response..

Being poor is not nice for anyone.

Being P.O.O.R is essential for everyone!

Till the next time,


Are you thinking rich?

Everything that you have experienced to date, has conditioned your thinking and therefore your ability, to become successful.

Whether you are from humble beginnings and money was scarce to affluent living when all you wanted was there, your attitude to success is made up of your thoughts and the actions you have taken, because of them.

One of the fundamental factors between winning and losing, is the conversation that you have with yourself – the ease in which you may allow obstacles to get in your way, the excuses that you may offer when things don’t go wrong, the reasons why you say ” I can’t!”. That nagging voice is such a pain in the ass yet it is so easy to fall under its melodic, engaging tone for fear of failure or whatever else the voice encourages you to select as a reason for thinking in poverty.

Poverty thinking will cripple you. What i mean by that is, thinking that you do not have all that you need, when you feel you need it most, actually limits your level of motivation, your level of self-worth and ultimately your level of success.


Poverty thinking undermines the fact that you ALREADY have all the intelligence that you need to find what you do not have, in order to achieve whatever you want to! Poverty thinking seeks to dampen the flame of passion and hope that roars inside you!

You are the architect of your destiny! You are the person that will smash through any obstacles! You are the pilot of your ship and have the power to steer it wherever you want to.

But poverty thinking must be replaced with wealthy thinking – I’m not talking about £££££’s (which is important but not the only thing), I’m talking about feeling RICH and SUCCESSFUL in all areas of your life…it’s about waking up every morning and embracing the day ahead because your thoughts are WEALTHY and RICH and you are committed to turning those RICH THOUGHTS into real life success!

How do you get to that state of mind?

1) Define what success means to you – is it money? is it freedom? is it time. What does success mean to you?

2)List all the reasons why you deserve be successful – ask others if you are not sure, but ideally, this must come from you

3) Describe what it will be like when you achieve success – who will be with you? What will it smell like? where will you be?

4) Write the first step that you commit yourself to taking, in order to move towards that description of why achieving success will mean to you!

5) Take that step!

Your mind is a machine that you control – own it, control it and take action with it!

So…why are you still reading? GO ON, START NOW!!

Till the next time,


Nurture our Youth, Dont force feed them!

One of the greatest myths in the world, is that young people need handouts in order to maximise their potential.

Yesterday, I had a heated argument..with someone who said:

..”a young person who has been disadvantaged in some way, would not be able to survive in the commercial world without changing who they are as a person, because their personal values are so different.”

I disagreed, 100% with him. My argument was simple:

“Someone who FEELS they have been disadvantaged in some way, potentially has more talent than someone who has FELT advantageous, because their environment has conditioned their values to their life experience, which in turn forces them to hone their skills more efficiently to survive. The difference lies is the individuals mindset, in relation to their OWN reaction of their experiences.”

Ive been working with young people since i was 15 – in the inner city area where i grew up, i used to help my friends with their homework at the local youth centre (when we still had youth centres, that were the real hub of the community!).

Over the years, i’ve designed mentoring training for youth organisations, been a youth mentor for Connexions for 4 years, been a facilitator for the Windsor Fellowship, trained people to be mentors to work with the so called ‘hardest to reach’, set up youth projects and currently run two businesses focused on developing both diverse and entrepreneurial leaders!

I’ve spent the last 17 years being at the coal face of working with young people (no textbook nonsense) and have experienced the real life, good and bad, personal side of youth development…and i am sick and tired of hearing the contradiction that young people are a stain on society, until you need them to help you out!

In my humble opinion, the only thing that any young person needs, is the fair opportunity to show you why they are good enough, without prejudice or judgement, on who or what they are!

Lets get one thing clear…The world has changed and is changing faster every day and the winners are those have a seat on the speedy train!

Modern day young people, have grown up in a society and world, that plays by other rules, rules that are NOT founded in archaic ways of thinking. The creativity and innovation that young people bring to the table is the missing link of business adaptation in the current climate.

Furthermore, the diversity of our young people has exposed them to levels of understanding that bring a new cultural, social, economical, personal and professional perception that businesses, can only benefit from.

What annoys me is young people are not truly valued, until there is a hole in the business. People love to talk and talk and talk about the SAME age-old issues, without actually taking action, or at least COMMITTING TO DOING SOMETHING about them!!

They only spring into action when the brown stuff, is about hit the proverbial profit fan!


Young people need to be brought into the boardroom and be given the chance to offer their unique insight into the world of commerce – allow them to ask the questions that others don’t want to ask, encourage young people to solve your issues using their entrepreneurial spirit, tap into the wisdom of the modern generation – you can then match your more advanced knowledge with their insight, to lead the way forward!

The adults of tomorrow are learning how to lead change, today and the more ’savvy’ businesses know that and more importantly, are TAKING ACTION WITH THAT KNOWLEDGE!

Stop being sympathetic – young people don’t want that!

Stop wrapping them in cotton wool – they don’t need that!

Give them a real, practical chance to shine in the workplace, community and in society – they deserve that!

Till the next time,


The only constant in life is change!

There comes a time in your life, when you realise that you are not the person that you used to be and it feels liberating!

I know it sounds so clichéd and a bit of a yawn moment but lets explore this for a second: do you agree that life is a series of transitions, moments of learning and opportunities for self-discovery?

We are so conditioned to do, think, act and be like others, to be like your environment, living the cultural norms of society, to the extent, that you can become confused by the myriad of uncertainty that lies before you.

But…they say that the only constant in life, is change. How much do you embrace that notion, as an individual? Does change just happen to you or are you in charge of it?

Are you even aware that you are changing every day in so many different ways?

This week, I have the opportunity to walk into the next phase of my life, closing one chapter and opening a new page. I’m as nervous as hell yet a part of me is bubbling with excitement. It is a move that puts everything that I hold sacred in my life at risk, yet the rewards are limitless….

What scares me the most is that in order for me to make it work, I MUST continue to seek and embrace change! More importantly, i must see positive in every changing situation – stepping up to the mark, being a leader, driving a new dawn is such a responsibility yet it almost feels natural…why is that??

Maybe it’s because I always try to operate from a place of value, integrity and a passion for others, so it feels right. Maybe it’s because all the years of blood, sweat and tears are finally paying off. Maybe it’s just that time…

No matter your circumstances in life, you have to be willing to do the things you hate, to do the things you love. What you don’t often realise is that you change along with it – your friendships, network and circles, your outlook on life and even your tastes change, as life forces change upon you.

I guess, the secret is to remain focused on why you do what you do, live by your personal principles and morals, refuse to conform because it’s easier to do so and remember that you have responsibility to leave the door open for the next generation..

If you embrace the changes that are happening around you and to you, life will provide you with a whole host of new lessons for you to learn from!

Till the next time,